Adapting Payment Systems to New Mobility Solutions

January 31st at 10am PT. Join presenters Matthew Hudson and Boris Karsch of Cubic. Read more →

Boston Mobility Summit

June 20, 2017, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. More info →

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What is Meeting of the Minds?

Meeting of the Minds is a global knowledge sharing platform based in San Francisco, CA. Find out more.

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Meeting of the Minds Webinars

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Meeting of the Minds is a global thought leadership network and knowledge sharing platform focused on urban sustainability.

Meeting of the Minds brings together leaders from multiple sectors and diverse geographies to share ideas and work together to shape a common agenda. Events include monthly webinars, in-person workshops, pop-up events and an annual summit held each fall.

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Recent Talks

Welcome to Meeting of the Minds 2016

Gordon Feller welcomes delegates to Meeting of the Minds 2016.

Civic Innovation and Urban Fiscal Health, Transparency and Accountability

This session dives into how new, agile software development is enabling the way government does procurement, improves the user experience, and increases transparency, efficiency, and accountability, while touching on technology innovations at the federal and local level regarding immigration services, healthcare, voting and the fiscal health of cities - all core functions that make cities equitable, sustainable and livable.

Cities, Interactive Design, and Public Space

This session explores the work of Future Cities Lab and its focus on designing, building and crafting artistic and immersive experiences in cities that respond to the data flows, sounds and visceral senses of the city. What can we learn from this approach as we think about rebuilding and revitalizing urban spaces of all kinds?

Parks as the Accelerators of City Revival

Urban parks are an affordable way to revitalize cities while providing proven positive health and economic benefits to residents. How do we ensure every urban resident has a park within a ten minute walk? How do we enable underserved communities to design, build and maintain parks?

V-to-X: Linking Vehicles to Infrastructure and Leveraging Smart City Data

Connected devices and cloud-based software solutions are rapidly disrupting and changing the landscape of transportation. What is in store for us as we move towards a more seamless, less congested and altogether altered transportation future?

The Big Shift: Rethinking Cities in an Age of Intelligent Machines

As Toyota Research Institute’s CTO looks around corners, Dr. Kuffner and his $1B+ organization are busy building intelligent machines of the future. What’s the urban mobility future?

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