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June 20, 2017, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. More info →

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Meeting of the Minds is a global thought leadership network and knowledge sharing platform focused on urban sustainability.

Meeting of the Minds brings together leaders from multiple sectors and diverse geographies to share ideas and work together to shape a common agenda. Events include monthly webinars, in-person workshops, pop-up events and an annual summit held each fall.

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Recent Blog Posts

Charlotte SKyline

Voters Support of Municipal Bond Packages Nationwide – Opening Up Huge Contracting Opportunities for Private-Sector Contractors

Deteriorating transportation and water infrastructure, the need for affordable housing, school district overcrowding, transportation and public safety needs along with …

Mysuru Trash Sorting

How Mysuru became India’s ‘cleanest city’

By Patralekha Chatterjee MYSURU, India — What lessons can a onetime potter’s colony offer on cleaning up a city in …


Interview with Dan Chatman: Integrating Pre-Existing Public Transportation with Bus Rapid Transit in Developing Cities

This interview series is made possible by the Volvo Research and Educational Foundations. Each month we feature a leading thinker …


Autonomous Vehicles: Where Are We Now, and Where Are We Headed?

Editor’s Note: The following article is a synopsis of Workshop #4 from Meeting of the Minds 2016. The author, however, …

Innovator Of The Week

Urban Innovator of the Week: Judy Reese Morse

This profile was originally published by Urban Innovation Exchange in partnership with Meeting of the Minds and Kresge Foundation. For …

Harlem Brownstone

People Power: How Residents of Northern Manhattan are Creating an Energy Revolution

The heat is on: This past July was the hottest month on record; the summer of 2016 was one of …

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Recent Talks

Welcome to Meeting of the Minds 2016

Gordon Feller welcomes delegates to Meeting of the Minds 2016.

Cities, Interactive Design, and Public Space

This session explores the work of Future Cities Lab and its focus on designing, building and crafting artistic and immersive experiences in cities that respond to the data flows, sounds and visceral senses of the city. What can we learn from this approach as we think about rebuilding and revitalizing urban spaces of all kinds?

Urban Sustainable Food Systems, Youth, and Employment

Can we unite Urban youth employment and sustainable food systems to make cities more equitable, livable and sustainable? Learn about how the Town Kitchen has developed a hybrid for-profit/non-profit model to tackle this head on.

Empowering Communities to Act: Lessons from California’s Leadership on Climate, Energy, Environment

The November 2016 election is a critical moment for climate change and environmental justice. This presentation describes how big the stakes are for citizens and for leaders, how leaders can show the way, whether elected or appointed, and how they partner with both private companies and the independent sector to make positive things happen.

V-to-X: Linking Vehicles to Infrastructure and Leveraging Smart City Data

Connected devices and cloud-based software solutions are rapidly disrupting and changing the landscape of transportation. What is in store for us as we move towards a more seamless, less congested and altogether altered transportation future?

Civic Innovation and Urban Fiscal Health, Transparency and Accountability

This session dives into how new, agile software development is enabling the way government does procurement, improves the user experience, and increases transparency, efficiency, and accountability, while touching on technology innovations at the federal and local level regarding immigration services, healthcare, voting and the fiscal health of cities - all core functions that make cities equitable, sustainable and livable.

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