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Sinagpore Skyline

Returning to Plato’s Cave: How the Light of Smart Technology Brings Us Back to Old Debates

Dozens of the world’s leading specialists and practitioners making cities around the world “smarter” gathered recently in Singapore to discuss …

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City Transit

CARPETing the City with Transit: Essential Elements for Promoting Mobility and Equity with Sustainable Development

In September 2015, the United Nations approved 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) intended to shape the global effort to end …

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Is “Community” a Verb or a Noun? Provocations From Baltimore and Washington

Baltimore became my refuge when I moved to the District four decades ago. As a native New Yorker, I could …

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Fight not Flight: Lessons from Detroit

Several of the speakers at the recent Meeting of the Minds in Detroit – including Mayor Bill Peduto of Pittsburgh, …

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Innovation through Inclusion: Lessons from Medellín and Barcelona

For more than a century, Medellín has been known world-wide.  For Spanish-speaking members of the “Greatest Generation,” Medellín is where …

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Moscow 1972 View Of Road And Buildings

The Devil is a Local Call Away: Cities, the Arts, and Misunderstanding “Decay”

At the height of the Cold War, Soviet wags loved to tell ironic tales about their political leaders.  Communist Party …

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Columns Of The Jefferson Memorial In Washington DC

Rethinking Engagement in Cities: Ending the Professional vs. Citizen Divide

Cities are among humankind’s grandest and most complex creations. Even small urban communities represent the cumulative result of literally hundreds …

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