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Retail Store

Renewable Retail

When you shop for food, clothes and everything else, you will be glad to discover that some of your retailers …

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Wind Power Maui

New York, Hawaii, California Race to 50 Percent Renewables

California and New York will meet 50 percent of their electricity demand with renewables by 2030. It is the law. …

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SOM Net Zero School

Zero-Net-Energy Schools

In the Marx Brothers comedy classic Duck Soup, Groucho as a nation’s president said, “Why a four-year-old child could understand …

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2016 Olympic Medals

Faster, Higher, Stronger: Let’s Celebrate the Urban Olympians

Billions are watching outstanding athletes from 200 nations compete in Rio. I was in awe when I attended the Olympics …

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Solar Wind

Coal-Free and Nuke-Free California

California will soon be coal-free and its last nuclear plant will be replaced with renewables. It is true that grid …

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Electric Car Charging

Good NEWS for our Renewable Energy Future

Our future is full of good NEWS: net zero, electric mobility, wind power,and solar energy. Net Zero Net-zero-energy buildings, campuses, …

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Details Of The Sunship Germany

Germany Will Use 80 to 100 Percent Renewable Energy by 2050

Germany’s Leadership in Wind and Solar Power By 2050, Germany will use over 80 percent renewables to meet all energy …

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Solar Wind Power

United States Renewable Energy 2050

Several U.S. states already produce over 80 percent of their energy with renewables including wind, solar, hydropower, and biofuels: Washington, …

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