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Tesla Powerwall Header

Battery Storage from Residential Solar to Utility Scale

Enough sunlight reaches the earth each day to meet all of our energy needs for one year including powering all …

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Solar Panels

Solar Power to Triple During Next Five Years

Global solar capacity is forecasted to triple from the 178 GW capacity at the end of 2014 to over 500 …

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San Francisco Golden Gate1

California Cities Top U.S. Clean Tech Leadership Index

San Francisco ranks #1 in the U.S. Clean Tech Leadership Index, San Jose #2, San Diego #4 and Los Angeles #6. …

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West Village Davis

Two Thousand Live Net-Zero and Love It

Two thousand people live in the zero net energy (ZNE) community of West Village. Near the University of California, Davis, …

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BRT In Curitiba

Millions Ride BRT, Saving Billions

Over 30 million are daily riders on bus rapid transit (BRT), which offers many of the advantages of light-rail, but …

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Solar Wind Farm

$200 Billion Advanced Energy in United States

Advanced energy is now $200 billion in annual revenue in the United States. Solar power, wind power and natural gas …

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Solar Power

Solar, Storage, and Smart Grid Transform Electric Utilities

Solar power installations grew 40 percent in the U.S. in 2014. Reports of record level renewable energy, energy storage, energy …

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Salesforce Tower

LA vs SF in Battle for Tallest Building

Salesforce Tower In the heart of San Francisco, Salesforce Tower, at 1,070 feet and 61 floors will rise far above …

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