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Charlotte SKyline

Voters Support of Municipal Bond Packages Nationwide – Opening Up Huge Contracting Opportunities for Private-Sector Contractors

Deteriorating transportation and water infrastructure, the need for affordable housing, school district overcrowding, transportation and public safety needs along with …

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Mysuru Trash Sorting

How Mysuru became India’s ‘cleanest city’

By Patralekha Chatterjee MYSURU, India — What lessons can a onetime potter’s colony offer on cleaning up a city in …

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Innovator Of The Week

Urban Innovator of the Week: Judy Reese Morse

This profile was originally published by Urban Innovation Exchange in partnership with Meeting of the Minds and Kresge Foundation. For …

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Columbus Indiana

Resilient Cities and the Community Stakeholder Leadership Model: How a City Influenced Today’s ‘Meta-Companies’

Companies are giving their employees a voice, and it’s paying off. Profit margins, market shares, and survival rates almost always …

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Moscow 1

Moscow makes over its streets with people in mind

By Timothy Misir MOSCOW, Russia — Tverskaya Ulitsa, an eight-lane thoroughfare in the heart of Moscow, is one of the …

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Air Quality In Cities

Emissions Reduction in Cities: A Guide to Getting Started

I recently spoke with a former colleague and air quality specialist about efforts to secure financing to improve air quality …

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California Wind Solar

Western Electricity from “Cali phobia” to Cooperation

The 80-foot wide display showed California renewables at 41 percent of total generation as I watched for 20 minutes during …

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Buenos Aires

Digital Transformation: Modernizing the Buenos Aires City Government

We began working for the government of the City of Buenos Aires (GCBA) in January 2009. To be honest, I …

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