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San Diego Traffic

The Impacts of Running our Fleet Vehicles on Propane

In my last article, I focused on the seemingly overlooked benefits of using propane as fuel for our vehicles. The …

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Downtown Pittsburgh

Downtowns That Are Sustainable and Healthy

In a reversal from trends of the last century, U.S. central cities are now growing faster than their suburbs, according …

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Las Vegas

Mobility as a Service – In Las Vegas

It seems like you can’t turn a corner without encountering a tech company tackling a mobility challenge these days. The …

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Santiago Chile

Santiago, Chile: Ingredients for a Smart City

Santiago, Chile may very well be the smart city of the future. To start with, 40% of the country lives …

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Pile Of Garbage

Cities and Cars Running on Trash

Many resources flow into cities to make them run; people, products, information, energy, water, food, money. What flows out? Products, …

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VERGE In San Francisco

On the Verge: Key Topics and Trends at the 2013 VERGE Conference

A few weeks ago I was fortunate to attend VERGE, a conference hosted by in San Francisco exploring the …

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Detroit Side Street

Risks of Job Sprawl and Progress on Regional Planning

Cities, People, and Jobs Sometimes cities are faced with disasters that strike unpredictably and quickly, leading to long recovery and …

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Qatar Sand Dune

Middle East Green Building and China’s Sustainable Urban Clusters

How are two world leaders of growth faring in relation to smart cities? China’s future of sustainable urban clusters It …

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