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Philadelphia Skyline

How Philadelphia Benefits From Early Intervention With At-Risk Kids

Programs address behavioral challenges now to help avert mental health problems later Nelson Mandela, one of the great moral voices …

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India Urbanists 1

In India, training the next generation of urbanists

Nidhi Batra, a Delhi-based urban development practitioner, was scrolling through Facebook when an ad caught her attention. It was for …

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Manhattan Skyline

Connecting the Dots Towards Well-Being

Every year, the U.S. Census Bureau fields more than 130 surveys, collecting literally hundreds of millions of data points that …

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CIty Hall

Looking Beyond Borders: The Reality of Migration in Cities

Current mediatised depictions of the so-called ‘refugee crisis’ would have us place this phenomenon in a border fence, raft on …

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Amatrice Earthquake

As earthquakes rattle Italy, lessons in how — and how not — to rebuild cities and towns

By Simone D’Antonio ROME, Italy — When damaging earthquakes strike Italy’s historic cities and towns, as has happened multiple times …

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Innovator Of The Week

Urban Innovator of the Week: Doria Robinson

This profile was originally published by Urban Innovation Exchange in partnership with Meeting of the Minds and Kresge Foundation. For …

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Startblok Riekerhaven

In this Amsterdam housing project, Dutch youth and refugees live together — and run the place

By Letty Reimerink AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands — The white prefab housing blocks dropped in a field next to a highway …

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Staten Island Ferry

Connecting Staten Island’s Waterfront to Its Community in a Time of Rapid Change

Staten Island’s North Shore is changing at an incredible pace; yet how do we ensure that the creative and cultural …

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