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Las Vegas

Mobility as a Service – In Las Vegas

It seems like you can’t turn a corner without encountering a tech company tackling a mobility challenge these days. The …

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Pile Of Garbage

Cities and Cars Running on Trash

Many resources flow into cities to make them run; people, products, information, energy, water, food, money. What flows out? Products, …

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For Rent Sign

Will Smart Cities be Gentrified Cities?

Can cities become victims of their own success as they enhance and prosper? The idea of dislocation and displacement from …

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VERGE In San Francisco

On the Verge: Key Topics and Trends at the 2013 VERGE Conference

A few weeks ago I was fortunate to attend VERGE, a conference hosted by in San Francisco exploring the …

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Williamsport Community Assets Aerial Legend Compressed1

Mapping a Community’s Key Assets — Its People

Entrepreneurs and product designers are universally taught to focus on the problem they’re trying to solve or user need they …

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Water Storage in Mumbai Starts With a Park Bench

Mumbai faces increasing strains on its water resources – monsoons bring torrential downpour and flooding for four months, and then …

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City Sky

News roundup: Measuring Dublin’s dumpsters, the UN defines “Smart City,” Silicon Valley has a crush on cities

How do we measure a “smart city”?      As “smart city” has evolved into a meme, some experts are trying to …

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City Roof Tops

Improving Cities’ Ability to Pilot Smart Solutions

Cities are aware of less than 10% of the solutions available to them, yet almost 90% of cities do not …

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