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The Heart and Soul of Smart Cities

The Second Machine Age is synonymous with Smart Planet Big Data and Big Math, which enables solutions to become more encompassing and optimal as they become more holistic in nature.

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Citizens: Smart Cities Best Partners

All too often, Smart City efforts focus on systems and technologies designed for top-down efficiency without fully integrating the perspectives of the people whose lives will be impacted.

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Smart Systems in the Second Machine Age

Like the Industrial Revolution, an economic and social inflection point is taking place because of technology – but this time it’s digital technology.

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Money Matters: Who Pays for the Smart City?

The “smarting” of utilities and cities is underway. However, many in the industry would stamp our smart city progress thus far as meh, even though the foundational technical elements are in place.

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Ecosystems Enable Urban Evolution

This post begins a 5-part series on Smart Cities from our partners at Black and Veatch. For more, visit the …

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