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New Report: Evolving Towards a Sustainable End-State

A new report from Deutsche Bank Climate Change Advisors

We believe that the first phase of a long-term mega shift toward an end-state scenario of clean, domestic, sustainable and efficient use of energy, materials and environmental services is now firmly established within the corporate world. The current evolutionary phase towards this “sustainable end-state” scenario where these technologies are truly competitive at a commercial level with minimal policy support is expected to take two to three decades, and presents a huge range of profitable investment opportunities, particularly in practical and applicable technologies that already reduce the cost of production and usage of existing products and services. In this paper, we re-examine our climate change technology universe over this evolving timeframe.

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Jessie F. Hahn

About the Author : Jessie F. HahnJessie F. Hahn is the Executive Director of Meeting of the Minds. She is an experienced urban planner, specializing in urban-regional policy with a particular focus on sustainability and clean energy. Previously, Jessie launched the successful Regional Energy Policy Program at Regional Plan Association in New York City. She has written numerous articles which have been featured in RPA’s Spotlight on the Region, The Hartford Courant, Urban Age Magazine, The Record, NPR, among others.View all posts by Jessie F. Hahn

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