Pre-conference Tours

Pre-conference Tours

Tour One: Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute (RASEI)

RASEI Tour Details (PDF)

Get the latest insights into energy research and commercialization. What ideas are making headway? Where are the biggest challenges? What should cities know about smart grid technologies, carbon management, and workforce development in energy fields? Explore the University of Colorado’s Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute, a joint research effort between the University and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

Take a lab tour and talk with business and policy researchers about the most pressing issues for cities. RASEI researchers engage in interdisciplinary research in clean energy technologies, energy efficiency, and carbon management, as well as addressing policy issues, training the next generation of energy professionals, and developing market-ready leading-edge technologies.

Tour Two: Boulder EV Project

EV Project Tour Details (PDF)

Get an insider’s view of the public-private partnership that has come together to create infrastructure for the onset of electric vehicles in Boulder and the surrounding area. How do partners identify the most critical needs, share the tasks needed to set the stage for EV’s, and use this model as a template for other urban infrastructure development tasks? Get an overview of EV activity locally and globally, visit local R&D facilities, and check out a variety of electric vehicles, including new models, research models, and converted cars.

Tour Three: Denver Sustainability Walking Tour

Denver Tour Details (PDF)

This tour will lead participants through Denver’s most notable sustainability and green design projects – some completed and some still underway. First stop: Union Station, where participants will be guided through current renovations that will make this historic building into a multimodal transportation hub, integrating regional and local bus service, three kinds of rail, the Denver 16th Street Mall shuttle, and vans, limos, bicycles and pedestrians. Next stop: The Alliance for Sustainable Colorado, for a discussion on new urban approaches to resource efficiency and a walk to a nearby neighborhood where owners, tenants, and residents are working to prioritize, coordinate, and facilitate deep energy efficiency retrofits while exploring renewable options. The final stop: EPA Region 8 Headquarters – a showcase for new federal building standards.

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