Detroit 2014

Detroit 2014

Meeting of the Minds 2014

Like many cities who saw their own stars shine with the rise of the Industrial Age, Detroit is now at a tipping point. At one time this boomtown saw nothing but prosperity in its economic future. Now, the city’s government has declared bankruptcy and city residents are being forced by their circumstances to redefine the city. It’s not an easy thing to reimagine a city’s identity, business models, and urban future. But hope still prevails and new innovations are quickly emerging in Detroit.

Detroit offers a platform for the discussion of alternative urban futures—which are relevant for all cities. This is why Meeting of the Minds has chosen Detroit as the site for its 2014 annual convening.
Among the questions under the spotlight in 2014: How are cities redefining themselves? How are cities creating cleaner and smarter industry clusters? How do we attract talent? How do we define a truly smart city? How do we fairly serve all the city’s residents? How do we revitalize downtowns and suburbs? What new technologies and services are now available that can be scaled to provide a higher quality of life? All of these questions will be at the core of the discussions at Meeting of the Minds.

Many cities are grappling with a swath of complex challenges: stimulating economic opportunity, adapting to climate change, increasing urban livability, greening transportation and energy systems, finding ways to become more resilient. As you might expect, each city has developed a somewhat unique strategy while using a different set of tools.

As it does each and every year, Meeting of the Minds 2014 will bring together 350 invited leaders, from more than a dozen countries, representing the public, private, and non-profit sectors.

Against the backdrop provided by Detroit, with one city attempting its own reinvention, we invite you to join us this fall in Motor City, USA.

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