Richmond 2015

Richmond 2015

Meeting of the Minds 2015

October 20-22, 2015
Richmond and Berkeley, CA

Since it was founded, Meeting of the Minds has been dedicated to a singular proposition: bring together a carefully chosen set of key urban sustainability and technology stakeholders and gather them around a common platform in ways that help build lasting alliances. We believe that such a platform is a vital ingredient for smart, sustainable and equitable urban (re)development strategies.

Meeting of the Minds focuses on the people and initiatives at the bleeding edge of urban innovation. Through our blog, magazine, webinars, monthly meetups, workshops, roundtables, and our annual summit held each fall, we invite international leaders from the public, private, non-profit, academic and philanthropic sectors to identify innovations that can be scaled, replicated and transferred from city-to-city and sector-to-sector.

Among the thousands of international leaders who participate in the Meeting of the Minds network are innovators scaling-up practical urban solutions in infrastructure, policy, design, equity, technology, energy, mobility, water, finance, and more.

Meeting of the Minds

Now in its 9th year, our annual summit brings together 400+ opinion-shapers, policy-makers, leading thinkers and innovators from all over the world for two and half days of intensive immersion in thought leadership and cross-sector development. Gathered together, they will have unique opportunities to think critically, ask questions, share tools, and build lasting partnerships — which make smarter and more sustainable cities possible.

As always, the ‘star of the show’ is the innovator, whether she’s shaping new policies, deploying new technologies, embedding new innovations into mainstream institutions, or blazing new trails where partnerships can flourish.

Richmond, California

The next Meeting of the Minds leadership summit will convene at the Craneway Pavilion in Richmond, California from October 20-22, 2015.

The City of Richmond has been chosen as host because it sits at an inflection point in its urban revitalization journey. Despite its industrial and cultural contributions to the greater Bay Area, Richmond has — for decades — been largely cut off from the region’s vibrant economic and technological trends. But a variety of forces are now converging —and Richmond’s time for positive change has perhaps finally arrived. Richmond’s struggles help illuminate how some cities are redefining themselves, creating better jobs, implementing smarter and more sustainable policies, grappling with systemic challenges, and facing up to historic problems.

The Craneway Pavilion is situated inside the former Richmond shipyards, on the northeast end of San Francisco Bay. This former Ford Motor factory was transformed into an award-winning example of adaptive reuse and has, since, become a cornerstone of Richmond’s reinvention and revitalization. Immediately surrounding the Craneway are a cluster of start-ups and co-work spaces, the Assemble Restaurant (with a localvore’s focus on farm-to-fork), the Rosie the Riveter WWII Home Front National Historical Park, the San Francisco Bay Trail, and the future home of the UC Berkeley Global Campus.

Workshop Tours

Richmond also provides an excellent staging point for guided tours into the richly diverse East Bay. Workshop tours on the afternoon of October 21 will bring delegates into local neighborhoods to connect with an incredible array of organizations, innovators and initiatives that connect the dots between technological, economic, social, and environmental initiatives, living labs, demos, and projects.

Join Us

You can see all of this for yourself, close-up and personal. We hope you’ll join us on October 20-22 at Meeting of the Minds 2015.

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