Portland 2008

Portland 2008

Meeting of the Minds 2008

Portland, OR
July 30-31, 2008

The 2008 Meeting of the Minds convened in Portland (Oregon, USA) with Toyota as lead sponsor.

The program considered a range of factors that confronted the transportation system. The two-day conference explored and promoted active discussion about several “key ideas” that have reshaped how one innovative place (the Portland region) thought about and positioned its transportation future.

At the core, the 2008 program focused on three broad questions:

  • What will our transportation model need to look like (and how must it perform) in the future to address the complex mix of 21st century challenges we now face?
  • How is that model different from today’s installed base and conventional practices?
  • What are the implications that must be addressed now?

For more information, read the post-event summary.

Meeting of the Minds is made possible by the generous support of these organizations: