San Francisco 2012

San Francisco 2012

Meeting of the Minds 2012

October 9-11, 2012
Julia Morgan Ballroom, San Francisco, CA

The 6th annual Meeting of the Minds leadership summit convenes October 9-11 in San Francisco, California. This invitation-only conference brings together thought leaders from the world’s most innovative organizations to discuss new solutions for urban connectivity and sustainability.

A note from the directors to Meeting participants, upon their arrival

Dear friends,

Welcome! We’re excited you’re here in San Francisco and that you and more than 300 others are joining us for Meeting of the Minds 2012.

For the past six years, we have gathered in different cities with a single purpose: to identify tested and untested solutions that can help us build connected and sustainable cities and regions, and to share those solutions with each other.

Since our last Meeting in September 2011 in Boulder, the need for radical innovation has grown more intense, in part because of economic hardship, extreme weather, and the hunger we all have for a dramatic shift in the way our human systems perform and interact with natural systems.

There is some good news to report. At the same time as systemic stresses are becoming more severe, significant technological advances are expanding opportunities for radical change. In our humble opinion, we can’t wait any longer to put into practice the best innovations, to apply them in new ways and achieve outcomes that foster a more creative, sustainable and resurgent economy.

Every year our Meeting reveals a few innovations with breakthrough potential, showcases some outstanding public policies that offer real hope and spotlights strategies that can move us closer to connectivity and sustainability goals.

With this in mind, we’ve designed Meeting 2012 as a place where you can do more than share key lessons drawn from ‘what works today.’ You will also have time to focus on ‘what could work,’ presented by innovators who are hard at work putting their innovations through real world stress tests in cities. They are coming together here, in the spirit of ‘open source,’ to share results. That means we’ll get time together to adjust our tactics, making it possible to bring home the very best of what’s being done by each and every innovator joining us.

A key component of Meeting 2012 is enabling innovation. We try to do that through various means. One of these sounds simple: linking the private, nonprofit and public sectors to identify and share solutions. In its best moments, Meeting 2012 will connect you, the innovators, with two sometimes missing ingredients: living labs ready to become early adopters and partners willing to step up with vitally needed support.

If you’ve been wondering how and where we can move the needle, you’re in the right place.We’re looking forward to building partnerships with all of you and we stand ready to start creating powerful solutions together.

Best wishes,

Gordon Feller
Convenor and Co-Founder
Jessie Feller
Managing Director
Meeting of the Minds is made possible by the generous support of these organizations: