Preliminary Report

Preliminary Report

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Meeting of the Minds 2013 Preliminary Report

Meeting of the Minds 2013 met over 3 unseasonably warm days at Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto, Ontario. 375 registered delegates attended the event, including 87 speakers. 17 countries were represented. The Meeting included over 18 hours of high-quality, curated content (tours, talks and workshops) and over 13 hours of networking.

Preliminary statistics from Meeting of the Minds 2013 are available below. A final report will be available shortly.

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Video Archives

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International Media Coverage


United States:

The Netherlands:



Twitter Coverage

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#MotM2013 Usage

  • Total tweets using hashtag: 1,900
  • Total Timeline Deliveries: 4,100,904
  • Total reach: 716,749

@MeetoftheMinds Stats

  • Total @MeetoftheMinds followers: 2,433
  • Increase since MotM2012: 405%
  • Mentions: 810 (July-Sept, 2013)

Webcast Stats

The #motm2013 webcast was viewed by over 1,300+ viewers in 75 countries worldwide. This is a 98% increase over the number of webcast viewers in 2012, effectively doubling our webcast reach.

Website Statistics

October 2012 to September 2013


Monthly visits, October 2012 to September 2013

  • Total unique visitors: 53,537
  • Total visits: 79,409
  • Total pageviews: 163,081
  • New Visitors: 53,505
  • Returning Visitors: 25,911
  • Returning Visits: 32.65%
  • Countries represented: 164
  • Cities represented: 5,271
  • Mobile users: 17%

Most popular blog posts:

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Website visits by city, October 2012 to September 2013


Growth of annual website traffic, 2011-2013

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