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Since it was founded in 1999, Urban Age Institute (UAI) has been dedicated to a singular proposition: bring together a carefully chosen set of key urban sustainability and technology stakeholders and gather them around a common platform in ways that help build lasting alliances. UAI believes that such a platform is a vital ingredient for smart, sustainable and equitable urban (re)development strategies.

Urban Age Magazine was founded inside the World Bank in 1991, and spun off in 1999 as an independent non-profit organization. UAI’s glossy print magazine, published in five languages, was focused on the many dimensions of city-scale innovation: economics, politics, governance, and culture. It’s notable that all of this was being published well before ‘smart cities’ and ‘sustainable development’ became part of the metropolitan lexicon.

UAI launched Meeting of the Minds in 2007 to extend the Institute’s mission, to connect disparate leaders from different worlds, to spotlight innovators working in near-isolation. In 2012, Meeting of the Minds took it to the next level by launching its blog at CityMinded.org. A new communications strategy quickly took shape, with monthly webinars; the Meeting of the Minds Magazine; monthly meet-ups; and other direct outreach activities. Each activity aims to leverage the thought leadership that crystallizes during each Meeting -- and that open conversation continues during the months that follow.

As a lead in to each Meeting of the Minds, the UAI team seeks out the most promising ideas and innovations. Some of UAI’s own research – on city-to-city knowledge exchange, for instance – was sponsored by The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. Tim Campbell’s book, “Beyond Smart Cities”, brought attention to the underground knowledge economy connecting city leaders across continents. Contracts and grants have been received by UAI from Rockefeller Brother’s Fund, Teijin Ltd. (Tokyo), CityNet, World Health Organization, United Nations Habitat, the Government of Canada, Daimler, the German Government’s GTZ, and many others.

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Organizer of:

Meeting of the Minds 2007 in Oakland, CA
Meeting of the Minds 2008 in Portland, OR
Meeting of the Minds 2009 in New York City
Meeting of the Minds 2010 in Omaha, NE
Meeting of the Minds 2011 in Boulder, CO
Meeting of the Minds 2012 in San Francisco, CA
Meeting of the Minds 2013 in Toronto, Canada
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