3-D Printing and Fabrication Labs – Revitalization Strategies for Sustainable Cities

3D-printing is not just the future of manufacturing. It means that we can bring back a maker’s economy to inner cities. Being able to make, create, hack, and design is at the center of a new economy. Fabrication Labs (FabLabs) will soon pop up all over cities and be fuelled by imaginative design. Together this will represent substantial economical value for cities seeking sustainable ways to revitalize. Certain cities may not be able to compete on labor costs but they can create tremendous value when design is more closely linked with the process of 3-D printing. Many examples of the makers economy already exist but one particularly exciting example in the lighting industry captures the spirit of this trend. Rogier will share a detailed model of how a 3D-printing based delivery model for luminaires would not only liberate consumers and enable their own creativity, but also boost a local and clean makers economy in cities through jobs, income, and a new urban future.


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