Anatomy of an Expansion: One Region-wide Car Sharing Network is Filling Big Gaps

The sharing economy is now much more than two buzzwords. But how exactly to scale up? We’ve asked an executive from one of the sharing economy’s best success stories to unravel the mystery. How did the Bay Area arrive at its current state of play? Growing from a few hundred members sharing a few dozen cars in San Francisco in 2005, to tens of thousands of members sharing more than 1,000 cars across the city, East Bay, Silicon Valley and San Jose. This measured expansion is the result of a combination of Zipcar’s “build from the inside out” approach to car sharing, innovative policies put in place by several local governments and municipalities, and the recognition by leading universities of the benefits of car sharing. Today, the Bay Area stands as one of the most, if not the most, expansive integrated network of car sharing, and a case study for other cities and regions looking to do the same.


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