Are We There Yet? Getting Farther Down the Road to the Smart City

Making smart city visions a reality will require “comprehensive approaches” that begin to transform each and every major corner of the city’s life, especially in urban infrastructure: power supplies, energy grids, broadband networks (wired and wireless), lighting, buildings, mobility, street design, etc. These innovations are reshaping our multi-faceted relationship with the city. This unique session will bring together leaders from different smart city sectors to discuss how a more comprehensive approach can truly be accomplished if we are to successfully upgrade more cities into smart and connected places to live, work and play. What will it take? How far are we from the next level on the path towards a successful smart city revolution? This session will provide a glimpse around the corner, offering a clear-eyed view of alternative, smart urban futures which are already emerging.

  • Moderator: Gordon FellerBoard Co-President, Meeting of the Minds
  • Rick Azer, Director of Development, Smart Integrated Infrastructure Group, Black & Veatch
  • Dave Pogue, Global Director of Corporate Responsibility, CBRE

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