What Can Cities Learn? – Lessons from 30+ Mega Urban Transport Infrastructure Projects – Part II

The London-based OMEGA Centre at the Bartlett at University College London completed a 5-year project aimed at enhancing decision-making for Mega Urban Transport Projects (MUTPs). The focus of this session is on lessons drawn from 30+ case studies of MUTPs in US, Europe, Asia, Australia. Lessons will be in the spotlight from the planning, appraisal and delivery of MUTPs. What constitutes a successful, robust, adaptable MUTP that is sensitive to sustainable development concerns. The aim is to get beyond the “iron triangle” of traditional project management concerns: completing projects on time, within budget and to specification. The material derived from case studies provides important generic and context-specific insights. This session shares lessons at all three levels, drawing on interviews and narratives about the case studies with 300+ key project stakeholders. These leaders were asked to go over and above the insights provided in public domain materials. In the light of 21st century urban development challenges, what constitutes a successful MUTP?

  • Moderator: Anthony FlintFellow and Director of Public Affairs, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy
  • Harry T. DimitriouBartlett Professor of Planning Studies, University College London
  • Heather AllenProgramme Director, Sustainable Transport, Transport Research Laboratory
  • Fred SalvucciSenior Lecturer and Research Associate, Civil and Environmental Engineering, MIT
  • Phil WrightResearch Fellow, OMEGA Centre, University College London


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