How City-Regions Can Better Attract and Retain Urban Talent

What is the role of talent in revitalizing our cities? Urban environments are challenged by the disconnect between opportunity in 21st century jobs and a population who’s not been given the tools they need to access those emerging careers. This dichotomy is particularly acute in Detroit with the significant growth of jobs in technology fields, and at companies in the greater downtown area. Research shows that only one in four of Detroit’s public and charter schools are preparing children to succeed in college and beyond. What is the experience in other cities around the country? Educated and talented professionals, attracted to the opportunity of being part of revitalizing urban areas, are forced to ask themselves whether or not living in and around cities will be the right choice to prepare their future families for success. How do we attract, retain and nurture the talent needed to lead our cities’ future generations?

  • Moderator: Ned Staebler, Vice President for Economic Development, Wayne State University
  • Darrin Redus, President & CEO, MainStreet Inclusion Inc.
  • Tanya Heidelberg-Yopp, CEO, Linked Learning Detroit

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