Dancing with Giants: Two of the World’s Biggest Companies Embrace the Future

Some of the fundamentals in urban transport and urban energy are shifting. Dramatic changes are already underway in some of the world’s major cities. Many of those changes could, in time, help to create a positive future. Under what conditions could government policies and corporate practices accelerate a beneficial outcome at the other end of the transition? How can we make sure that the impending urban transformation becomes a net positive for all citizens, up and down the socio-economic spectrum?

  • Moderator: Gordon Feller, Director, Cisco & Board Co-President, Meeting of the Minds
  • Niel Golightly, Vice President External Affairs, Americas, Shell
  • Nihar Patel, Vice President, North American Business Strategy, Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.


Download Niel Golightly’s presentation slides
Download Nihar Patel’s presentation slides

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