Digital Finance, Alternative Currencies and Housing in Vancouver

According to provocateur and THNK alumni Michell Zappa, “an industry-toppling, government-shifting, sector-disrupting revolution is underway. Think Napster, but bigger.” You have probably felt the undercurrents. Yet as economic waves rock the boat of capitalism, many are unprepared for what’s next. Looking at the future through this lens and using the Vancouver housing market as a petri dish for discovery, THNK School of Creative Leadership has asked “how might alternative and digital currencies increase access to affordable low-carbon housing for those in need?” This is the Challenge that THNK put to its first Vancouver cohort, inviting a diverse ecosystem that includes innovation partners like the City of Vancouver and the Digital Finance Institute to roll up their sleeves with the executive participants. We’ll find out what they’ve discovered about how fintech and alternative financial models are impacting urban landscapes and providing surprising hope for global communities.

  • Moderator: Kaz Brecher, Founder & Chief Catalyst, Curious Catalyst & Faculty, THNK School of Creative Leadership
  • Christine Duhaime, Executive Director, Digital Finance Institute
  • Mukhtar Latif, Chief Housing Officer, City of Vancouver


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