Food System Mapping and Resiliency Planning: Where Is Your Food Coming From During the Next Superstorm?

Understanding a city’s food system vulnerability in the event of natural disasters and its energy implications are challenges finally getting the attention of many urban centers. The session will highlight urban food mapping and resiliency strategies in three cities—Boston, New York and San Francisco. The City of Boston’s Office of Food Initiatives engaged ICIC to study the resilience and preparedness of Greater Boston’s food system in the event of a natural disaster. The project aims to understand the points of production, processing, and distribution of Boston’s food system and identify areas of vulnerability. As New York City is learning from Hurricane Sandy, the Office of the Food Policy Director is increasingly considering long-term food resiliency. San Francisco has also begun to address food resiliency – more so than many other cities – as decision makers realize that food is a critical part of disaster recovery in the short and long-term.

  • Kim Zeuli, Senior Vice President and Director of Research, ICIC


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