A Global Challenge: How Do We Make the Right Decisions?

By 2050, about three-quarters of the world will live in cities. To house all of these people, we will need to build the equivalent of a new city of more than 1.4 million people every week. But this urban growth will place enormous stress on our resources – water, food and particularly energy. To better understand the issues that will shape our energy future, Shell uses scenario-based analysis to identify a number of areas for action – all of which rely on strong city leaders to answer tough questions and make smart decisions. What are we learning that may lead to more or less effective outcomes? How can a mix of top-down and grassroots initiatives contribute to better outcomes? What steps can we take to improve resource efficiency, and can these be combined with liveability? How do the decisions we make today affect how we will live in the future?

  • Jeremy Bentham, Vice President, Global Business Environment, Royal Dutch Shell


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