Innovations in City Service Delivery: Quicker, Faster, Cheaper

Efficient, fast, and affordable: this could be the future of city service delivery. But getting to that promised land continues to baffle. At a time of scarce public resources, manifesting that vision is difficult. What strategies are cities like Pittsburgh, NYC, Chicago and others using? How well are they faring in the push to break down barriers? As a result of advanced data analytics and open data, cities are now able to better predict service level needs and proactively provide services to residents. Local governments are using data to positively affect city operations from trash collection to pothole repair. Are we getting closer to a world where service providers are more accountable and more responsive?

  • Moderator: Brooks Rainwater, Director, City Solutions and Applied Research, National League of Cities
  • Stephen Goldsmith, Professor of Government and Director of Innovations in Government, Harvard Kennedy School and former Mayor of Indianapolis
  • Debra Lam, Chief Performance and Innovation Officer, City of Pittsburgh Mayor’s Office

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