The Internet of Everything Changes Everything: Driving New Business Models for Urban Services

The Internet of Everything is no longer a distant vision. Cisco calculates that the Public Sector can realize up to $14.4T in economic value from IoE by 2024 and IDC recently predicted IoE technology and services revenue will grow worldwide from $4.8T in ’12 to $7.3T by ’17. The epicenter of these seismic shifts is originating and accelerating in cities on nearly every continent. Connecting people, processes, data and things is transforming how cities deliver urban services, collaborate and become more relevant to their citizens. Big Data analysis is driving more efficient, faster and cost-effective processes that improve traffic, parking and waste management while reducing energy consumption, costs and even crime.  Synergies with business, healthcare providers and education have a multiplier effect that enhances quality of life in our metropolitan centers. More and more real-world use cases emerge weekly. It’s clear that the Internet of Everything is proving to be the most innovative and beneficial disruption to how we live, work, play, and learn than the Internet itself. In this talk, we will learn how the value of the Internet of Everything can be unleashed today and tomorrow.

  • Wim Elfrink, Executive Vice President, Industry Solutions & Chief Globalisation Officer, Cisco Systems


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