Ontario’s Innovation Landscape Through the Lens of Tech, Policy, Social and Higher Education Innovation

Ontario has become a major hub for cutting-edge innovation, much of it fueled by progressive legislation such as the Green Energy and Green Economy Act. The culture of innovation which has taken afoot is diverse — from social to digital to cleantech and from higher education to private initiatives. The Ontario Government is playing a major role in fostering this culture through the “innovation infrastructure” it provides, such as the Ontario Network of Excellence to support research and commercialization. Yet Ontario faces real bottlenecks, such as a lack of access to risk capital and a relatively small regional market size – both challenges to the scaling-up of breakthrough innovations. This diverse multi-sectoral panel will share their experiences and insights into the state of innovation in Ontario.

  • Moderator: Nick ParkerChairmanCleantech Group
  • Sara DiamondPresidentOCAD University
  • Ilse TreurnichCEOMaRS Discovery District
  • Bill MantelAssistant Deputy Minister of Research, Commercialization and Entrepreneurship Division, Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation

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