Simulating the Impact of Energy Efficiency Initiatives – Agent-based Simulation (ABS)

Agent-based simulation (ABS) is a technique that allows decision makers to test what-if scenarios for a variety of complex problems. Agent-based simulation replicates in software the behavior of individuals and their interactions with the environment, to reveal how overall system behavior emerges from these interactions. In collaboration with Evergreen, Cisco and Schneider Electric, Icosystem has developed BEES (Building Energy Efficiency Simulator), an agent-based simulation that shows how building occupants interact with energy-saving technologies to influence overall energy consumption. A working demo of the BEES simulation is available online on the Icosystem website. The presentation will provide background information on agent-based simulation, it will describe BEES, and it will outline the potential for further applications of this approach in the design and management of building energy systems.

Supplementary video

The video above shows the BEES simulation in action. You can also try the interactive simulation.

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