Smarter Cities of Tomorrow – Integrated Operations across Service Areas to Meet the Needs of Citizens

The infusion of digital intelligence into the world’s systems is changing the way people, organizations and entire industries approach everything that they do – how they interact, organize and create value. Nowhere is the potential for transformation greater or more important than in our cities. Join IBM Smarter Cities leaders and esteemed colleagues and partners as we engage in critical thinking and consider the opportunity for transformation. Hear of lessons learned from actual implementations in cities of varying size. How have IBM and its customers and partners used systems that are Instrumented, Interconnected, and Intelligent to improve the lives of citizens? How are leaders turning existing data into coordinated and actionable information across departments? How are they developing roadmaps that align to specific priorities? How are cities integrating across service areas to drive sustainable economic growth while enhancing quality of life for citizens and visitors?

  • Moderator: Christian Clauss, Director of Architecture, Strategy and Partners, IBM Smarter Cities Software
  • Niels van Duinen, Director Outdoor Lighting Applications, Philips Lighting
  • Jeff Frazier, IBSG, Cisco
  • Story Bellows, Co-Director of the Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics, City of Philadelphia

Graphic Art

Graphic art recorded live by Leah Silverman. Made possible by the generous support of IBM.


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