Sustainability Directors Around the Country Tackle the Resiliency Challenge and Innovation Opportunity

Cities are the incubators for problem solving and are charting the way for the cultural, social, and political innovations shaping our planet. Chief Sustainability Officers and Directors around the country are retooling their cities to respond to and prepare for natural disasters while at the same time recovering from the economic downturn. They are ignoring traditional approaches to work smarter, more effectively and more collaboratively. How is city X preparing its neighborhoods and downtown for future extreme conditions? How is city Y funding its resiliency strategy? How is city Z retrofitting and implementing across the commercial, residential and public spaces? The Sustainability Directors from each of these cities will share their challenges and their strategies for overcoming them.

  • Moderator: Shelley Poticha, Director, Urban Solutions, Natural Resources Defense Council
  • Denise Quarles, Director of Sustainability, City of Atlanta
  • Katherine Gajewski, Director, Mayor’s Office of Sustainability at City of Philadelphia
  • Melanie Nutter, Former Director of the Department of Environment, City of San Francisco

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