Meeting of the Minds 2015 Announcement and Next Steps

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area in the East Bay, Richmond will serve as the location for Meeting of the Minds 2015.

Inventing New Futures: Real Life Lessons from Science & Tech-Based Business Innovation

What are the elements that can create an emerging ecosystem of leaders who constitute a community of risk-takers learning from one another?

Taking it to Scale: Shifting the Conversation about Renewing the Public Sector

How is the public sector working differently with the private sector and philanthropy to renew cities, especially in ways that impact lower-income constituents?

Sustainability Directors Around the Country Tackle the Resiliency Challenge and Innovation Opportunity

Chief Sustainability Officers and Directors around the country are retooling their cities to respond to and prepare for natural disasters while at the same time recovering from the economic downturn.

Transforming Transport: Converging Digital and Physical

Two facts are changing the future of transport: higher levels of interconnectivity across industrial and operational devices and fast growth in the number of smart mobile devices. Taken together, these two forces are changing every city in the world.

Mandela’s Unfinished Business: Housing Needs and the Spatial Legacy of Apartheid in South Africa

South Africa's deteriorating housing stock is putting pressure on the nation’s growing cities, many of which have started programs to move residents into emergency housing alternatives.

Unleashing Open Data: Civic Hacking for More Livable Cities

What methods for barrier-busting have helped some cities to successfully leverage the power of their data?

Innovations in City Service Delivery: Quicker, Faster, Cheaper

Local governments are using data to positively affect city operations from trash collection to pothole repair. Are we getting closer to a world where service providers are more accountable and more responsive?

Dancing with Giants: Two of the World’s Biggest Companies Embrace the Future

How can we make sure that the impending urban transformation becomes a net positive for all citizens, up and down the socio-economic spectrum?

The Internet of Everything Changes Everything: Driving New Business Models for Urban Services

The Internet of Everything is proving to be the most innovative and beneficial disruption to how we live, work, play, and learn.

Governance without Government: Funding + Implementing Smart City Policies Amid Fiscal Constraint

With federal dollars at a trickle and state and local funding drying up or unattainable, how do cities innovate and implement new policies that improve the lives of their residents?

Climate Preparedness and Resiliency in Urban America

Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer discusses her city’s climate change challenges and their comprehensive approach to resiliency that can serve as a model for other urban areas.

The Coming Revolution: Small-Scale Urban Industrial Development

New technology and the American manufacturing base are colliding to create amazing opportunities for small-scale industrial businesses in our cities.

More than Just Dirt: Food, Community and the New Economy

Detroit Dirt is pioneering the composting and waste reduction revolution in Detroit.

Breaking Down the Silos: DTE Energy’s Partnership with Tech Innovators

DTE Energy and Itron have developed a partnership to provide new technologies to the energy industry.

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