TurnAround: Remaking Legacy Cities

Some 'legacy cities’ are succeeding where others are not. Why?

Meeting of the Minds Hackathon Pitch Session

After having spent all night developing apps to improve the livability of cities, Meeting of the Minds delegates heard the top three hackathon finalists pitch their solutions.

How Urban Entrepreneurs Are Launching and Scaling Up Despite Red Tape

What major obstacles still lie in the way to scaling up start-ups and innovative companies popping up in cities? How can urban entrepreneurs have an even greater impact?

How City-Regions Can Better Attract and Retain Urban Talent

How do we attract, retain and nurture the talent needed to lead our cities’ future generations?

Leading from Local Circumstance: Lessons from Detroit

An examination of the principles and strategies underpinning Detroit's new blueprint for civic change offers lessons for many other cities in transition.

A Global Challenge: How Do We Make the Right Decisions?

What steps can we take to improve resource efficiency, and can these be combined with liveability? How do the decisions we make today affect how we will live in the future?

Welcome to Meeting of the Minds 2014

Welcome and context-setting by Gordon Feller, Director, Cisco & Board Co-President, Meeting of the Minds

Where Is the Urban Mobility Revolution Headed?

And what’s the future of the car (at a moment when some are predicting its extinction)?

Future Cities Made Real – Efficient, Sustainable, Liveable

Our future lies in cities that are efficient, sustainable and liveable.

Public Lighting and the Internet of Things: Examples from Amsterdam

Digital LED lighting systems are revolutionizing the lighting industry.

The Impact of Energy Supplies on Global Urban Environments

Peter Wells, Chairman, Neftex Petroleum Consultants, explains the hurdles toward moving toward a cleaner-burning fuel environment.

What’s Next in Real Estate? New Data Measuring Building Performance

How can the globalized commercial real estate industry benchmark ongoing progress across international geographies, markets and property types?

The Energy Costs and Environmental Impacts of Smart Lighting

Find out how cities are building a sense of community, while lowering their energy costs and environmental impact through smart LED lighting technologies.

What’s on the Minds of the Leaders of the World’s Top Mass Transit Agencies?

What strategies and technologies are transit executives adopting to improve their systems? What obstacles do they face?

The City Protocol: Building the Internet of Cities

Can we all agree on criteria for the creation of the “City Protocol,” a certification system for smart cities? Can that “City Protocol” be put into practice by any city in the world?

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